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I'm Standing on the Edge of Raisin...

Looking Into the Grape Beyond....

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I'm standing on the edge of raisin, looking into the grape beyond. (I've reached an age where wrinkles don't yet feature heavily in my awareness, but the gradual realization of my vanished and vanishing youth compels me to look beyond and within myself more than ever before.)

So there I am. Maybe you're there too. Whether you are or aren't, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject, and lots of others. But please, I ask only one thing: BE KIND. The world is sadly lacking in kindness, as far as I can see, and here is one place I intend to help rectify that problem.

I like to ponder life's intricacies and its infinite connections, its subtlest, most tantalizing facets, on those daily occasions when the light is just right or I happen to be paying attention and something shimmers for a moment. I love to learn... endlessly... from everything I can. I suppose I am a bit of a snob about the desire for REAL LEARNING... also about authenticity and sincerity and kindness. I think it is a combination of those qualities I just mentioned that enables us to access the valuable gift of compassion. Now then, if we could all access a compassionate frame of mind, I wonder, where then would the world be? What would we be able to do together? I love questions and paradox, but also hate them. Don't we all?

I believe in the BIG THREE as one description of what God is--those being THE GOOD, THE TRUE, AND THE BEAUTIFUL. By those I am endlessly fascinated and captivated, and to those I am wholeheartedly devoted. (I want to acknowledge the writings of Ken Wilber for introducing this "123 of God" concept to me. His writings, among others, have helped me abandon much of my discontent, my restless searching for cosmic truth, my habit of debating with others about things that cannot be debated, and my gnawing desire to know the unknowable.)